Help identify fighting game


hope this is the correct place to post this.
I am looking for a game from early to mid 90’s i think, I don’t have much to go on
from what I remember the game had 3 buttons the characters had high floaty jumps
there was an Egypt stage and the character had claws or knifes on hes hands and there was lot of yellow at that stage lol.
if I can remember more i’ll add, been on youtube looking for 90s fighters can’t find it
thanks for any help


Sounds like it might be Knuckle Heads:

If not, you might want to try using that site’s search feature with “Control Panel Layout” set to “Buttons: 3” and the genre set to “Fighting”. There’s only 37 games on that site that fit that criteria so it might be easier to pick it out from there.


Martial Champion?



i remember that game and they aren’t kidding. the character sprites were huge.


WOW you guys are good
yes that’s it Martial Champion


thanks! i work out.