Help identifying/mapping PCB for custom arcade project


Hey guys,

I’ve been a lurker around SRK for a few months now but recently I decided to create my own custom arcade stick for my PC and I have no prior experience doing so. I bought all the arcade parts and I decided to use a cheap 2nd hand joystick PCB to save on buying a IPAC keyboard encoder.

So here comes the problem. My joystick/pad is a generic USB Dual Shock controller manufactured by a company named TESUN. I read on that you could ‘map’ the controls by getting a wire and tapping it around with the controller plugged into the console or in my case, the computer. I tried doing that with wire and absolutely nothing happened. No buttons were registered in my ‘GENERIC USB GAME CONTROLLER PROPERTIES’ in my Control Panel ( I use Windows XP). However the rubbery bits underneath the original button worked when I prodded around the PCB. . .(duh).

Could any experienced modders or custom arcade stick builders shed any light in how I would identify the different points I would need to solder on? And how I would test the connections etc.?

I’ve provided a photo of the PCB and any help for this custom stick noob would be immensely appreciated.
Thanks :blush: