Help ID'ing U.S Stick

This photo is from the inside of the TANK stick. It uses Cherry Micro switches. Yet, it does not look exactly like the recent Happ comp stick I have.

Maybe it is just an older version of the Happ comp? Since the TANK was around since the SNES days.

Thanks. :lovin:

The x-arcade stick uses their own brand of parts, a Happ knock-off. It may have cherries in there but the stick is still x-arcade brand.

This is not an X-Arcade stick. It’s a HES TANK Stick. Comparing it to the inside of a X-Arcade the stick does not match at all.

All I know is that x-arcade makes a stick called the Tank tick so I was going off of that.

Ok. :slight_smile: Here is a pic of the HES Tank.!BNivH-Q!mk~$(KGrHgoOKkUEjlLmVpKoBJqNetCE-Q~~_1.JPG

That’s a neat looking case. What is that small button above the stick and below that big red button?

As for the stick in the first post. I have bought new Happ stick and a new iL stick in the past couple months and neither have looked like that one. And I can’t think of any of the Happs I’ve bought in the last 4-5 years looking like that.

The small red button acts as the guide button. :smiley:

This might just be me, but that layout is sort of awkward just to look at lol.

Looks kind of awkward to use. The buttons are near the edge while the joystick is below the second row of buttons lol.

It’s not that awkward to use at all. Since the higher placed button give your wrist good wresting space. Very comfortable.

I prefer lots o wrist space also!

it looks like an older happ ultimate or a wico microswitch stick.

Thanks for the input EvilSamurai. :smiley:

Indeed! I find in most other sticks my wrists rest on the edge of the stick which is no good for long play sessions, since I think blood flow is restricted to the fingers.