Help! I'm a complete n00b

The games I play are CVS2eo (xbox), SF2:3S (xbox), SF2:HF.

I want to know the following:

Terminology for the tuts you guys make for characters (meaty, footsies, d.qcf?)

The best sites for watching match Vidz

Where I can buy an inexpensive fighting stick?
-Is there a multiplatfrom stick? (including PC (mugen/kaillera))

(and a side question is it better to use the DPAD or a JoyStick?)

  1. don’t really understand this question but as far as terminology goes the basics are

qcf = quarter circle forward
move the joystick/ pad in a continuous and smooth motion. starting from down, then to down-forward, and then finally to forward.
this is your standard fireball motion (denoted as such since nearly all people who heave fireballs do so using this motion.

hcf = half circle forward
move the joystick/ pad in a continuous and smooth motion. this time first starting from the back position, moving then to down-back, to down, then to down forward, and finally ending at forward.

dp = dragon punch
this one is a little weird so i’ll only give you one of many shorthad methods.
hold forward, then smoothly go to the qcf motion.

you could just go to gamefaqs and read any reputable movelist faq which should explain everything. if you still have doubt or question just post back here.

for the rest of the terminology meaty is when you execute a move and most of the animation is done over the animation of the opponent. once again read a combo faq and it should be covered.

footsie is more like when your strategy involves almost exclusively low kick attacks. it can be taken into deeper terms and meaning but this should do for now.

for cheap good joystick, the general concensus seems to be mass sticks (round 50 dollars american) and can be taken as the standard, assuming your playing mainly six button 2 x 3 layout games. then can be found at i believe though dont quote me on that.

Look around this forum more thoroughly before making a topic like this, and refer to the Strategy Zone section as well.

For all the notation questions though.

for your stick question refer here

50 dollar MAS sticks? Where?

Now gilkuma dont get the boy’s hopes up by saying there are $50 MAS sticks out there. Fix that!

I’m just glad there are new players willing to put the time into SF. :slight_smile:

Agreed. You certainly came to the right place to get into SF and related fighters. If you want a stick, then check out online stores for the Tekken 5 Anniversary stick (cheap now, but it will wear out fast if you use it a lot) and the Street Fighter Anniversary stick. Otherwise, you should check out the “Trading Outlet” for custom arcade stick threads. Currently, I believe I am the least expensive, but Timoe might make cheap ones as well. Byrdo has a lot of pre-built boxes to check out, and I’m sure at least one of them would suit your needs.

When it comes to sticks, you really get what you pay for, though. Don’t make a purchase you will later regret.

If you play on x-box (original?), you can ask for someone to make a x-box stick for you, then get a converter for USB. They typically plug into the detachable end (Red Octane uses these in their DDR pads, as well). Then you can download the XBCD driver, which is free on the net.

Look to either Gamefaqs for terminology or our Strategy Zone on the main forum page. Good luck in your venture into Street Fighter. It was a great journey for me, and I hope it goes the same for you!

just remember, never ever Ever EVER button mash, ever. (unless the particular move in question calls for it, then you mash that button and ONLY that button)

I can’t even stress it enough. If you are mashing buttons, you don’t know the game and don’t even deserve the title of Fight Game Enthusiast. Practice, learn the game engine, and use proper execution and you will be well on your way to the path of a Fighting Game guru.

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If you’re new to using forums in general, than SRK can be a hard place to find info. ESPECIALLY since the search feature works half the time. Someone should make an ALL AROUND noob guide to be stickied here that points them in the right direction. Stuff like thi shas been done before, but it’s usually half-assed or buried after a week or two.

Very true.

Well im definitely NOT a masher BUT ive never gotten the opportunity with good players to learn new strats etc. I hope to learn some of the place ppl get together to play etc. and where to find all these faqs

Sounds like we got a volunteer.

use the wiki

Hardly, but I’m sure there’s people on here that prolly will put something together.

Post in the Midwest threads to get more competition. Not here.