Help, I'm garbage at charge moves

My wife and I went insane for half an hour watching me land 1 out of 30 of Bison’s basic charge moves. I just can’t seem to get the timing down… Thanks for any help.

Many times I find that the problems with charge moves have less to do with the “charge” part and more to do with the movement to the opposite direction. Here’s some tips to get it going:

First hold back and count to “one mississippi” you don’t need to hold it this long but to be 100% sure you’re holding it long enough do this.
Next very carefully and deliberately let go of >back< and press >forwards< and press a kick button twice quickly the moment you press forward.
If a standing kick comes out try it again and move your input from >back< to >front< a tiny bit faster and try again. (This outcome is the most favorable and means you’re getting close.)
If a jump comes out you’re moving the directional input too far up.
If you crouch and kick you’re moving the input too far down.

Approaching the move this way will cut down on input errors (pressing up instead of forward, or pressing the kick too early/late)

Your goal will be to make your movement from back to forward as deliberate as possible then accelerate it until you reach the proper speed to do the charge move. If you have questions or need followups let me know. You can use the same method to learn any charge motions. If you’re still having trouble try to practice the charge motion with Necalli as I feel his input is a bit more lenient.

I played charge characters all through street fighter 4. There is a definite rhythm you have to find when playing them.

The charge seems a lot shorter in this game compared to street fighter 4 though.

Are you using a controller? Or a stick. If your using a controller you might be pressing all kinds of directions by accident. Stick is a lot easier for charge characters

Practice mode is your friend and turn on the history to see what your pressing. You will be able to see where your going wrong

Thanks for your thoughts. I’ll turn on the history, I’m sure that’ll help sort things out.

Since you said the problem is timing, maybe you’re pressing the button too early?

Make sure you press the button immediately AFTER the stick motion is complete. Not before, not at the same time, after.

I got it, thanks to all. The timing was just a little more strict, I was doing it like a grandma…