Help Improving my Game

So, I’m a player thats planning to go into the competitive fighting scene one day.
But first, I want to know what I can do to improve my game.
I mean, I don’t think i’m going to improve a whole bunch going into Ranked Matches, and playing again, and again, and again with lag.
So I would like some input, from the community, on how I could improve my game other then:
Online Matches with randoms.
Grinding in training mode to hone my links, combos, etc.

Thanks in advance for any inputs, as I am sure they will help me.

Go and meet up with other players offline…start at Regional Matchmaking.
Find your location…go to local gatherings and LEARN.

Are you saying your better off playing offline AI or playing a very few amount of people offline? Lag is the only problem and I could agree with you there. Input is the first thing you have to learn before you can develop your mind.

This, play with others, practice a lot. Watch the filipino champ bread and butter interview. What he says will help.

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Go to local tournaments. Talk to other players, practice in the training section on the game. All of these things help a great deal. I know for me when im practicing a lot on the game cause i cant get out for one reason or another i have made it a habit to go to you tube and watch a few compitive videos and even soem interviews. Doing things like this always gives me ideas for combos and mix up that i might not have had before. that then gives me more of a reason to practice and play online. Also try getting enough people to start having land parties or “friendly Tournaments”

The best way to get better and train is by going to a local tourney/gathering and playing (like the members said above). If for some reason you can’t, or if the scene just isn’t big in your area, there are a few other things you can do. Granted most people on SRK say online is a bad way to train/learn. I disagree (I play online a lot). It’s only bad if you have horrendous connection. You can always find people better than you with a good connection. When you happen to play those people, try to add them as a friend and get some scrims in. If you get bodied, ask them what you are doing wrong, better yet, record the matches and review them later and see what happened. How are they able to get-in, what mix-ups are you having trouble stopping, how many combos/links are you dropping, are you getting punished for dropping the links. What is giving you the most trouble in the match-up? There are soo many things you can do/ask yourself to improve in the game.

Edit: Do you play PSN or Live?