Help in forming a team


before i start - i’m new here so… hey everyone and nice to meet you!!

ok so i’m still a starter (noob) in UMVC3 and trying to form a nice team
i started learn amaterasu and got really impressed by her defensive moves (the counter-moves that trigger when someone hit you) and then i realize she got that move also in her assist-arsenal
is there any other characters that got that kind of defensive-counter-moves?

and another question,
i really enjoy playing with hawkeye, can you give me some tips and synergies for him?

thx everyone!!


first rule of umvc3 if it;s your first time. always pick wesker.


yea i heard about that rule before XD
didnt like him at all… he is totally not answering my playing-style


Taskmaster also has a counter move.
Ammy/Task/Hawkeye is probably a pretty decent team as well, maybe have to switch up the order a bit, I dunno a whole lot about either of them so I dunno what order would be best.


Ammy can be somewhat daunting for new players with her weapon-switching techniques, so props for picking her up right off the bat. As for the rest of your team, if you enjoy playing as Hawkeye, play as him. It’s a game afterall, and you should be having fun.

I agree with ShotgunLogik, Task would probably make a good addition to that team, in that order as well. Hawkeye’s tracking hyper (can’t think of the name of it) makes him an excellent anchor.

Wolverine is a good starting place for a lot of new players. He was much easier to play in vanilla, but he’s still not that hard in this. He could make a decent addition to that team if played first, with Ammy’s ice assist.


wow i never post something on a forum and got so many replies in just a short time
thx alor for your help!! when i get home i will start training session with that team and see how it goes
again - thank you