Help!In tokyo now

any guys can tell me where to get a 360 joystick?i went to bic camera and yodabashi but haven;t seen it…anyone knows where can i get one??

somewhere ~Akihabara? i thinks thats what most people claim things of this nature are.

They’re sold out EVERYWHERE. Have fun in Tokyo!

they have sticks on the arcade cabs

make sure u try the really big bic camera’s and yodobashi’s and the other big electric department stores. I remember some big ones near the stations of shinjuku and ikebukuro (both on JR line).

If u can’t find a 360 stick in those stores u could try asking the staff if they can check other stores of theirs… if they speak enough english! If u fancy some japanese and can stomach their answer u could say:

‘koko de mo, hoka no [bic/yodobashi] demo “360 arcade stick” ga arimasu ka?’ ‘checku shite kuremasen ka?’

(= are there any 360 arcade sticks here or in the other bic/yodobashi’s… can u check please?)
just say any english words with a japanese accent or even better take a picture of what u want.

Otherwise u could try big general department stores e.g. OIOI or takashimaya (can find these in alot of places e.g. shinjuku, shibuya, ginza, etc).
Failing all of those try akihabara (u’ll probably have to try alot of shops tho).
Failing all of the above, if ur in Japan long enough (or u can pay for speedy delivery) try online like: amazon, hori, rakuten…

Good luck… oh and the boxes for hrap’s are big… hope u have space for them! other sticks might be smaller.

if the big electronic stores in akiba don’t have it, walk around for the smaller stores specialized in video games only. There are many in that area. auctions is also another source, though the markup can be as high as 8000 yen (in the case of hori ex se)

They don’t understand “360” in english. Say san roku maru.

They don’t sell HRAPs for 360s in stores either (unless you get EXTREMELY lucky and find one used at a game store). The only sticks they would sell in stores are the low quality EX2 ones that you can get in the states. However, for the time being, even those are completely sold out. PS3 HRAPs were also all sold out until really recently. Maybe you’ll get lucky and Hori will ship out a buncha EX2 sticks, but chances are pretty slim on that. I wasn’t joking that they’re pretty much sold out everywhere.