Help Infrit!? UMVC3 Season's Beatings


Plz help me get to Season’s Beatings! I’ve been offered a spot on Team U.S. for the UMVC3 5v5+time on the pre-SB show! Just $5 would help me fly there:

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Even if you can’t, a retweet or mention would be just as helpful. Thank you anyone who looks at this thread.

To the mods, I hope you help by leaving this thread for a bit. Thanks everyone.


Will you let me touch your hair if i do?

Ill try and drop something in the afternoon. :tup:


Just give up and become EMP Infrit already bro :tup:


ill donate 10Bucks if i can touch your hair


Infrit what gel do you use? Let me know your secret and I’ll donate.


Oh wow we can just ask for money to go places now ? I say every donation should mean a touch of your hair… or you shave your mustache.

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Infrit will win the best hair tournament at SB.



infrit’s hair is untouchable in tournament


Thanks everyone and anyone who looked at the thread/donated. I reached my goal actually thanx to the great and awesome FGC. I am very grateful to all of you. I’m running a lobby soon to have sessions with today if ppl want to play check out my stream in less than 30mins. Thanx everyone! <3


Isn’t he sponsored by Madcatz?


Infrit is only sponsored by Gatsby
It’s why his hair is so great


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Out of curiosity (since I’m sure Infrit is not the first one to have asked and received donations), do the donators get anything out of this?


Im not sponsored.

The little i said i can do is have sets with some of the people who donated and have lobbies with players on psn. Also interacted wigh chat more and answer as many questions as I could and give advice if they asked for it. Im having some sets at SB with some ppl as well. I shall stream as all this and as many times as i can before SB.

Last, i will change my tag with something that represents all those who helped me. Ex: FGC | Infrit



You can let everyone touch your hair.




Cool, was just wondering since this is the first time I’ve seen this happen on this site. Good to know that the community has the back of those who are deserving and that the sponsored are doing what they can to give back, whether it’d be time or money. I would’ve donated $5 myself until I read that you didn’t need anymore. I just don’t see something like this happen quite often these days.


infrit will you release khaos’ neophase montage 3 please, hes being stingy with it


Wow, I always assumed you were sponsored, I’m surprised at that like. Get on it!


You need to market yourself better. Here, let me help.


Yeah i definitely am grateful.
I will def help others when i can or in.whatever way i can… i do my best to give back somehow

Khaos will release it when he wants lol.

Not sponsored YET… working on something.

Dude thats pretty hilarious!!