Help - Input Problems

So to start let it be known I did not play 3rd strike when it was popular.

I played sf2hd furiously, bought 3rd strike in prep for SF4 and now love 3rd strike but im having crazy input problems.

I am playing it on my lcd HD tv (tho i don’t think this is a hd lag issue), through my xbox 360 (on 480p setting) and using my Standard Edition fightstick.

SF4 works fairly well for inputs but 3rd strike is a nightmare. I can not consistently pull off a super art whatsoever. I will end up entering like 3 perfect inputs, then it will go off on the 4th attempt which is not nearly as accurate as the last 3. At first I just thought it was me but over the last 3 months I am realizing it is not. I have the hand-eye coordination and timing… its just not registering.

Is this my standard edition stick (for which i am ordering real sanwa parts next week)? Anyone able to help out? I have heard that the inputs for SF4 are very generous, but I can not imagine 3rd strike is supposed to operate like this.

Any help appreciated,

My reactions and executions are slowed down going from SF4 to 3s. 3s requires a higher level of execution because of the less lenient input system and faster speed.

I wouldn’t even call SF4’s inputs generous. It’s more like the reverse of what they were aiming for. A lot of people with decent execution often get the wrong thing because of the lame shortcuts.

You’re on an HDTV, 3S doesn’t support 480p as far as I’ve read, and 360 is known to not run 3S that well for some reason. Those don’t have anything to do with inputs though, so I dunno. Not trying to scare you but many of the SE sticks have a defect with a metal washer in the stick which wears away some circuitry on the internal PCB, causing input problems. I can’t say for sure that it’s the issue in your case, but if you’re getting Sanwa parts regardless, you’ll know if gets easier. Not much you can do but wait until then. Even compared to SF4, supers aren’t hard to do in 3S.

Thanks for the input, perhaps it is just strictness of inputting based on the game. I can pull of supers fine but super arts just don’t seem to work atm. I agree with the SF4 easy inputs as I am constantly teleporting with bison when I am putting in ultra… its super frustrating.
Yeah I fixed the washer problem on my SE stick so I know its not that, but it seems oddly difficult since my execution is fairly decent.

I play on 2DF with my keyboard, and I get input delays, and everything. I need my stick…