[Help!] Install applications on xbox1

I have a modded xbox1 with the latest XMBC as the dashboard. I ftp FBA-XXX and xZsnesx into their respective folder on something e:/apps/emulators. I put the roms in their individual rom folder. ex. fba-xxx/roms etc

The problem is that none of these application will start. I see a black screen and freeze when I load them through XMBC. Do I have to do something to these programs before I ftp them over?

EDIT1: With the default XBMC DVD install (Slayer’s build), some of the bundled emulators does run with a garbled screen (it’s all garbage. can’t read anything). When I manually install any application myself from FTP, I get a black screen and freeze.

EDIT2: Not sure if this matters, but my xbox is connected to 42" through component cables. XMBC setting is 720p widescreen.

i use avalaunch as dashboard. I think it works better than xmbc and everything seems to work fine as it is.

Try asking on the xbox-scene.com boards.

I’m using unleashx as my dashboard and haven’t had a single issue with it.

I use XBMC most of my Xboxes (I have 5) and they run everything without tampering.

I did however have an issue with a few emulators (can’t remember which ones as it’s been a while) that would run in PAL when first run and then I had to change the output mode within the program to output 480p or NTSC - that could be your problem. Do you hear any sound when the emulator starts?

I think my XMBC was messed up. I wiped out my XMBC and reinstalled everything from the Slayer EVO install then update it again with the lateset XMBC release. It works now. Thanks for everyone for their help.

5?!?! :looney: