Help! Installed the Game update, but now all my DLC Costumes are gone!

Hi guys!

I had updated the game a while ago, and after getting the update, all my purchased costumes are now gone. I purchased the All-in costume pack from Steam before installing the update, and now all my costumes are gone from the game.

How do I get them back without having to buy the costume pack again?
I’ve contacted Steam support, but they are taking forever to give me a response.

I have also noticed that in the SSFIV AE PC game menu, the “Steam Store” option has been replaced with “Live Marketplace”. Does this mean I have to buy the All-in pack again through GFWL? I sure hope not.

Here is a screen shot of my steam account showing my purchase of the costumes DLC

Any suggestions?

If they are gone in-game, it should probably fix itself if you restart the game/pc. The costumes dissapear if you start the game outside of steam, from the .exe itself. Steam can also bug and act as if you didn’t go through steam which also removes them. Usually comes back if you just quit and start it from steam again.

Anyway, just relax and don’t buy anything again :slight_smile: The costumes are 99% still there. Happened to me 2-3 times before, so.