Help installing Hori RAP.V Xbox One fight stick for PC (Windows 10)


Just bought one of these and I’m massively struggling to get it working on my PC. I’ve followed about 4-5 different things to get it working but with no avail. I’ve tried to install Xbox 360 drivers which I thought would’ve worked but never did. It’s coming up as “Xbox Gaming Device” in Device Manager and is listed as “Unspecified” in Devices and Printers in Control Panel.

Any help appreciated.





If its a Hori Rap V Kai then it should have a toggle for xbox one/xbox 360/PC.
If its a Hori Hayabusa V for XBOX ONE then it is only for XBOX ONE and you need XBOX ONE controller drivers (for 32-bit or 64-bit) to install on PC.


Have you installed the XBOX ONE drivers? (not the xbox 360 ones).


Sorted lads, thanks! Is there any way to get RT and LT to work?


There is not. Just rewire it and play 6 buttons.


Didn’t realise it was just unplug and plug wiring. Super easy to do. Thanks.




Or you can dual-mod it with a more PC compatible board


Yeah but 8 button is dick


Hi everyone,

I as well bought the Hori RAP V5 Haybusa assuming that it would work on windows 10.
But this was not the case when trying to connect to my pc.
It seems it doesn’t even detect the hardware, however the windows 10 charm sound plays when inserting the usb.

If I’m correct these are the steps taken in order to have it work:

  1. Download and install “Xbox one controller drivers” (in my case 64bit)
  2. After install switch the stick to 6 button mode
  3. Connect Hori RAP V5 Haybusa to your pc

Are these steps correct?

Thanks in advance!




1st of all don’t double post if you need to add some extra info use the edit gear on the upper right corner of the post

Moving on to the stick

1:Yes try to install the xbox one controller drivers

2: there is no “switching to 6 button mode” you’ll have to open your stick and manually swap the lb-rb buttons wires with RT and LT

3: next time be sure to use this thread for this kind of question because it’s a sticky you’ll get your answers quicker they can help you with just about anything:



thanks and I’ll use the link for any future questions