Help Installing Seimitsu LS-32-01 into the TE stick

Hi All,

I have asked this question in other threads but I’m not getting a response so I figured I would just make a topic. I’m trying to install the LS 32 01 and I’m running into a problem. I have taken out the JLF and when I’m going to screw in the LS 32 01 (sideways I know) the screws that mounted the JLF are too big for the mounting bracket I’m going to use for the LS 32 01. I can just barely get them started and they won’t go any further.

Do I need different screws to mount the LS 32 01? Do I need to drill out these holes some to use the same screws that mounted the JLF? I’ve looked at this guide: and it doesn’t mention that problem at all. If I do need new screws, do you know the size to buy?

Thanks everybody.

I didn’t have to use any different screws when I put an LS-32-01 in my TE stick.

I was afraid of that response. The holes on the bracket for the Seimitsu are just too small on mine which is weird, I guess I’ll have to try and find smaller screws. Does anybody know the size of the screws used in the mounting? That way I can try Home Depot and just buy the next step smaller.

I think this your third time asking.
So I will answer.

The original screws that mount the JLF are used.
The holes are not threaded.
That is why hard.

I’m just breaking out the Dremel. The holes aren’t even at all on mine and I guess this bracket wasn’t bored out evenly.

That’s very strange…

I’ve changed JLF’s out for LS-32-01’s on two joysticks so far— an HRAP 2 SA and a Round 1 MC TE (PS3).

No problems whatsoever reusing the original screws and washers with the new sticks.

Universal mounts are actually TWO-stick mounts – one orientation for JLF with the the standard plate, and a 90-degree turn for the LS-32-01 with its standard S-plate.

Other than the usual business of flipping the 5-pin harness connector, it’s been no big deal.

I know the holes were there for the screws on the Seimitsu mount and it wasn’t difficult at all to install the LS-32-01 other than removing the lower half with the PCB. You just can’t screw those sticks onto the faceplate properly without removing half the stick base.

I also replied on his last thread how I had no issues at all. Well whatever

The worst situation I ever had with a joystick mount was with my second Arcana Heart 2 joystick.

I just happened to get one of the sticks with a bad screw (poor-quality metal) that broke and a poorly drilled hole.

(Same thing happened with a Hori Wii Fight Stick – a soft metal screw broke on that, too. I ended up replacing all the stick base screws with flatheads that actually fit better. Go figure!)

I managed to get the remainer of the screw out by holding the JLF base well against the faceplate and removing the threaded leftovers with pliers.

Even after I managed to find the right size screws at Home Depot, I remembered how difficult that particular screw hole was to thread into.

Goes to show that sometimes you do get defective hardware from the better vendors.

I’ve had one Apple computer with a bad motherboard and an iPod Classic (80GB) that I had to replace after a week because the hard drive went bad!

We all get lemons at one time or another… Sometimes you have to send them back and get a replacement, or you figure out things on your own and fix them like I did with that AH2 stick.