Help, is this fixable?


Custom WWE Brawlstick - JLF stick and Sanwa Buttons

It has a shortage, it’s like I have to have it sitting at a certain position for it to connect. I’ve had the stick for 2 years now and really not up to buying another one since I’m so very comfortable with my setup, but if the issue isn’t fixable then I have no choice to make another purchase.

Thanks in advance.

Repairing Fightstick?

Yes this is a easy fix
Just replace the whole cord, why the whole cord, its so that you are grantee the USB cord is good and will not break again soon.

This video goes over spicing the cable

I would make the actual repairs inside the stick so the patch will not be damaged. Make the outer portion of your USB cable all brand new.
There only 4 wires to spice in a USB cable and 98% of the time the wire colors always match.

I get my USB cables from

Some of us even install a Neutrik NAUSB-W-B Panel Mount so we can use a regular A to B USB cable like some PC printers use. The connector is reversible


As a really ghetto “fix”, you can try pulling that damaged part of the cord inside the stick. Not always, but sometimes when this happens, by sheer luck the cord can sit in that position inside and not lose a connection. Worth a try, my friend’s SF4 SE has been going strong like this for like 3 years now.


Dude from what I see there already electric tape on that thing, the USB cord is on its last legs. Its far better to get a fresh USB cord, its not much work and there like $5 on monoprice.


Hey, thanks for the suggestions. I didn’t know I could use a regular USB cable to fix my problem, I thought I’d have to go and find another WWE Brawlstick, gut it out and take it’s wire, I don’t know why I was thinking that either. I’ma try both method though from that video you posted.

As far as the “Neutrik NAUSB-W-B Panel Mount” you mentioned, I’m not really sure how that works or even if it fits in my Brawlstick.


I’m seeing a lot of wear-and-tear on that USB cable. Electrical tape on the first half foot of wire leaving the case, exposed insulation and wiring at the base, that cable is pretty much done.

Just pick one up on They’re like $2 or less. Any standard USB cable will work that has a USB-A on one end. The other side doesn’t matter, since you’ll be cutting it off anyway to solder it to the board. The only exception is if you have an aftermarket PCB that uses a female USB-B end on it, in which case you can just plug it in and play.


You have to drill a 24mm hole (and 2 smaller holes for screws) to install it, but what it allows you to do is install a USB port so you can plug in and remove a normal USB cable like you would have on back of a printer.

Here is someone installing the RJ45 version of the Neutrik pass though


Hey, thanks for all the info and help. I think I’m gonna try this method, $20 mod.