Help! I've plateau'd and I can't get up!


what kind of things can I ask myself to get out of plateauing?


What do you mean? You think your at your best?


With the skills I’ve acquired, I’m not aware of what do to next to advance as a player


get a recording of yourself, look at where you got hit or put into an unfavorable situation, and figure out why that happened

unless you’re getting perfects all over the place, there is always room to improve


Ohh I get you. I was like that for awhile, you learned all your bnb’, you have a good idea what moves are safe and what’s not, and you learned a lot of advanced combos and understand the mechanics well.
all that’s left dude is playing people and learning strategies. That’s about it, or pick up a new game.


oh wow, that’s a shame. how long have you been playing? which game? AE 2012? UMVC3? BlazBlue? MK9? you must be playing way too much online to feel that you already reached a skill “plateau” that moving forward is moot. STOP PLAYING ONLINE and go socialize/play people face to face at local tournaments or travel and play at EVO if you think you already got mad skills. somebody is bound to be your match and give you a run for your money. then come back here and blog about it [oops, SRK is not YOUR blog] so that you get a better idea of where you stand both skill and performance-wise. there is no such thing as plateauing in fighting games as there will always be decent/superior competition out there [and i don’t mean online]. you either master your character or learn a new one if i may suggest.

assuming or positing that you are already at the cusp of being godlike at any specific fighting game makes you prime troll-bait, so be careful what you post.


  1. Look at the matches that you lose
  2. Figure out why you lost it
  3. Work out a training method or a goal during your practice sessions, in order to correct your mistakes
  4. Profit

Unless you’re winning all of your matches (you’re not), then there’s always something to work on. Critically analyse your own matches and figure it out.

Otherwise, you’ll be stuck at the same plateau.


Play better people.


There’s always something more to improve upon, regardless of who you are. Start asking questions about the game engine. Execution can be improved through practice. Frame data can be crammed into your noggin. Head to the respective character forum for whatever game you’re playing and ensure that you’ve learned the minutia of who you’re playing.


sorry guys I never meant to express that I was good in any regard. I just think my **fundamentals ** could use some work, since fundamentals are required to play any game and any character. is there a list I can go through to see how close I am to being solid?

match up knowledge is pretty much required, but I still don’t think my fundamentals are quite there yet.

The only reason I’m saying that I have reached a plateau is because that is what it looks like from my perspective. Since I have only been playing for about a year.


play people that you absolutely cannot beat until you can take one game…then two…etc etc


There’s not really a list. It’s not like there’s a secret book that Valle, Choi, and Watson, wrote entitled:


that top players pass around. It’s more about mastering basic, simple skills, that you will apply throughout the ENTIRE match, that contributes to your win or your loss. Things like whiff punishing, learning not to jump around so much, defense, anti-airs, footsies game, zoning game, etc etc. It’s basically learning how to minimize the number of errors and mistakes during your match, while capitalizing on mistakes made by your opponent.


Don’t pay any attention to the assholes. of course everyone plateaus. You gain a skill set and an understanding of the game, and you get to a point where you know you are not getting better and need to figure things out. What I did to get past my last plateau was I recorded a match that I did very well in and posted the video in the fighting game group I’m a part of on facebook and said “here is a great match I had, what could have I done better?” The group tore me apart and pointed out every flaw. We can acknowledge that we are messing up when we lose a match, but when we win we see the match through rose colored glasses. Record a game that you won, that you feel you did very well in, and post it in this thread.


Identify what fundamentals are lagging, then practice until they’re godlike. That entails execution practice in training mode and playing against players better than you so you pick up good habits and get the old ones obliterated. You do that while focusing on improving things like footsies, zoning and anti-airs and you’ll be a boss in no time.


Play SF2 Hyper Fighting if you want to work on fundamentals. I’d say that and Champion Edition are the best fundamentals-building games out there.


While those games were purely about fundamental skill, I don’t think it’s necessary to play them in order to learn the basics. Plenty of top level players have become good by playing modern games, but you have to focus your attention on the fundamentals. Of course, this is easier in older games like SF2, where there’s literally no other mechanic to distract you from this.

Unfortunately, unless you have access to good competition in HF or CE, you’re not going to learn too much playing against the computer.

And CE was a pretty broken game once someone picked Bison. The only thing you learn about that matchup is how important it is NOT to block or get hit by a scissor kick.


I have a similar problem, but more limited in scope. I feel like my execution has plateaued. I’m playing sakura in SSFIV, and I’m just not making progress on her 1 frame links, even though I’ve been practicing the same combo (almost) daily since vanilla SFIV.

s.fp xx lk tatsu, c.fp xx ex tatsu/hp shouoken.

I can do it, maybe 10-20% of the time… some good days I can do it 2 or 3 times in a row, other days I can try it 20-30 times and it just wont happen.

Any advice besides practice? I feel like I’m practicing doing it wrong and i’m just reinforcing bad habits. I understand that when the c.fp doesnt come out, I was too fast and when it does come out, but gets blocked, I was too slow but I can’t relate that to speeding up or slowing down my hand… feels like I’m doing it at the same speed, but sometimes its right, sometimes its not. Do I just have stupid hands?

edit: oh, and I TRY to plink, but my success rate for plinking is about the same…


If I were you, I would work on plinking the fierce. Essentially this turns your 1-frame links into 2-framers, which are fairly easy to consistently land. Turn on input display, and make sure that you’re inputting it correctly. Once you get that down, you can move on to using it in live combos.

Other than that, no other trick I can think of to help you progress with this combo. It’s all practice, practice, practice. Eventually, hopefully, your muscle memory is going to lock in that combo, so that you’ll be able to land it mid-match without much effort. If somehow you’ve reached your genetic ability to reliably perform difficult combos, I would suggest using simpler, more reliable combos. No point always going for a high-damaging combo that you can’t depend on, just stick to the basics, and rely on your basic gameplay to win out your matches. Not everybody can, or HAVE, to be an execution god.


yea, i don’t feel super held back by it and I’m always getting better at matchup knowledge and spacing and fundamental shit like that…Lots of overall growth keeps me playing, so not being able to do 1 particular combo isn’t the end of the world. i can definitely win matches with her easier hit comfirm bnb’s… oh well, imma keep practicing it though, and I’ll keep plinking it too…One day it’ll be consistent…


Don’t be afraid to remap the extra two buttons to fit what you need them to do, in your case remap the button on the right of fierce punch to clone light punch to make plinking easier. For me I wanted to start using Focus Attacks Kara canceled into taunts in matches, so the button that is usually 3xP is Focus Attack and the 3xK is taunt. Much easier to plink two buttons instead on 4 ;)[media=youtube]Nmjj3qQJ4v8[/media]