Help, joystick gone haywire!

well, after messing up 2 saitek pads i decided to go with an original wired ms controller yesterday… well, for the first time the triggers work perfectly, but my sticks is in a totally fubar condition.
i use a seimitsu ls32 (so 2 connections per switch), i ran 1 wire from each switch to tp32-35 according to the trace done by rdc here:
i then tried daisy chaining the each of the other wire of all the 4 switches to ground… no go. okay, maybe thats because of the common line setup.
i then tried running the daisy chain to the right pad of back button which is labeled as common line for all the buttons.
apparently this was not a good idea.
the stick works fine in the xbox menus, however in any game down-right is constantly active. however i think this might be the left analog stick instead of the dpad.

oh, and i had to solder to the tps as i just couldn’t get the solder to stick on the spots for the dpad at the front, ripping 2 points off in the process (yes, i did scrape them before trying to solder).

does anybody have a tip what to do or where to solder the daisy chain to? please i’m quite desperate, i don’t want to have wasted yet another controller.

please somebody help me…

might be good if you can post a photo of what you done so far on the PCB so we can see how bad it is…

also, sounds like you could’ve done with some soldering flux (helps it to stick) on those pads before soldering on to them too…

some pictures:

sorry, doesn’t get any better than that, close ups are a mess with this camera… unless somebody knows a way to get better pictures with a fujifilm e900

edit: i think i found the problem, but not the cause or how to fix it… there is no current at all between any of the 3 connectors of each poti of the left stick.

TP34 and TP35 are awfully close to each other, those correspond with DD and DR… have you got a multi-meter to make sure you haven’t accidentally bridged anywhere by mistake…?

hot glue on the contacts yiiiiiiikessss

well i wish i was better at soldering, but i actually never used a soldering iron before in my life (before those 2 saiteks and this on) :slight_smile: