Help Kaiju Combat (giant monster fighting) get shown at E3!

Those of you who pay attention to new game announcements have almost certainly seen me around, promoting my studio’s new project: Kaiju Combat. We raised $112k on Kickstarter last December, thanks in part to the fighting game community. Since then we’ve been having design votes, original character submissions, and lots of good chatter over at our official forums. We’re trying hard to be very transparent, and community-focused.

I’ve been making games, mostly fighting / brawling games, for 15 years. You can google my resume…

We’re on a tight budget, so we don’t have the money to throw around on promotion, trade shows, etc. But we’ve been nominated for the “Indies Crash E3” competition - and we’re in a strong second place. Voting ends on May 16th, it’s free, and it takes just a moment of your time. Having a strong E3 presence would really help us push this project along, so I hope you take a moment to check it out!

Vote here:

Here’s our other main thread on Shoryuken:

Our community forums are here:

I’ve been following this game for months and simply loving every character revealed. I’m really excited about it!

I think having it appear at E3 will be an incredible opportunity.

Just check out some of these amazing monster designs (drawn by Matt Frank):


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