Help keep CVS2 alive and in EVO X

So it never occured to me that CVS2 might not be in EVO next year until I read Tragic’s thread here. Evo staff has never really enjoyed running CVS2 because the game takes so long, and with a highly influential guy like Tragic condemning the game, it’s really time for us to get active and keep the game alive.

This thread is here because I want to know how you the community are going to get proactive to keep CVS2 in the lineup. For me, Evo is not even worth going if the only game I play seriously is not there, and I’m sure many of you feel the same way. I highly suggest all of you try to bring in a lot of those fringe players and start having some incentive to get better and start playing more. Perhaps run weekly tournaments, invite others to travel to your area, or just finally bring that scrub from the arcade in for some serious training.

Next month I plan to start running some form of weekly or biweekly tournaments in socal. I’d like to know what the rest of you plan on doing. This is really the make or break time here, if we can prove to EVO staff early that a good number of us are committed to the game before they decide which games are in, it will be hard for them not to include us.

Thank you
-Jesse Gan

CvS 2 will be in next year because I’m a new player.

EVO digs new blood. Fear the A-Rock, people.

My new A-Cammy > that rock

You saw it here first. Let the EVO X trash-talking commence!


Cammy can’t deal wit’ my DOUBLE REPPUKEN CC

statistics, who do you play with out there in arizona. There should be decent comp for you. Get a group together and come stay in california for a weekend.

A couple guys who show up at the arcade:

  1. looks like Ludacris
  2. indian guy who can SHOSHOSHOSHO perfectly
  3. some random dudes, depending on the day of the week.

Whatever, once I get my car, trips to SoCal will become MANDATORY. I’m up for this “meet new players” shit.

CVS2 is still going in Maryland

If anything we’re still getting new players willing to travel and compete. We don’t have arcades anymore but, the scene here still makes an effort for console tournaments and travelling. Most of us still use Atlantic North for discussion and what not.

I asked a few of my friends if they wanted to go to EVO next year they said “if CVS2 is there”. nuff said

statistics, do they still have cvs2 over at the metro mall? if so you should start throwing tourneys every other week or so. Since AZ people are always poor just make them dollar entry, and start playing those arcade guys at home too.

yeah, but the castles n coasters arcade is popular for cvs2, 3S as well. Nobody really plays at metro anymore, or if they do they come to CnC anyway (since they’re 2 feet from each other).

man, just when everyone in miami finally decided to play, this happens. if cvs2 got axed at the next evo, that would suck ridiculously hard. i know time is the major problem.

and i was so sure and so dedicated to go next year…is it true that there aren’t that much cvs2 players anymore?

Eric Kim aka. Bobby Drake, and I are throwing our first tournament in 3 weeks.

EC come the fuck out.

Norcal is cracking with CVS and Marvel. Not as much 3S up here from what I’ve seen.

And CVS will be at EVO X. The people will bring it there regardless of what the organizers do. CVS is here to stay.

We didn’t get to play our MM at evo east (mainly cuz i didn’t know who the hell was who and never got introduced), so if i can make this, maybe we’ll get a chance to do so, and get some casuals in as well.

I’ve got plenty of local scrubs in my area that I could grab up and train when we play weekly. CvS2 dying? fuck that, let’s make sure this doesn’t happen.

Come down, man. Bring the scrubs too. We all gotta start somewhere.

We can definitely run our MM’s too. Shit should be hype.

In addition to running tournaments, try to tape everything and post videos on the internet.

I’ve been trying to teach people in my university to play CvS2 for the past 2 years but people around here are too damn lazy to learn even the most basic things in the game.

Too bad you don’t go where I go. I am learning the game right now, but it is kinda hard without some really good people to kick my ass all the time and tell me what I am doing wrong (Besides technical execution because I know that I suck at that still).

CvS2 is probably my favorite fighting game right now.

hope im one of those scrubs coming lol.

Anybody in Nor-Cal willing to host on every other Saturday?