Help! King's AA Leg Screw



So I realized that I don’t incorporate King’s AA Leg Screw often enough in my gameplay, but every time I see it used, it looks like it’s used while blocking.

Is it usable during a block? Or is the timing extremely strict?

Can it be used on wake-up if someone is attempting a cross-up jump in the corner, or is it side-specific?

If I’m in a bad position with King(hard knockdown corner, roll would be punished and they can jump in), what are my best wake-up options?


You can’t use the AA Leg Screw to punish cross-ups at all but you CAN use it to to counter late jump-ins or maybe even meaty attacks. I’m almost certain that it’s a 0 or 1 frame start-up and I’ve had a good number of occasions where the attack is basically in me and I’ve still countered.


Awesome. I’ll have to give it some thorough testing and research. I very much appreciate the response!