Help knowing where to connect wires on my wireless ps2 pad (Lrg Imgs)


First off, these forums are awesome and I thank Grimspoon for directing me here.

Second, sorry for the large photos, but they are already shrunk by 50%! I dont want to lose any quality more than I have to for this close-up photo need.


Ok so I bought this Pelican Wireless pad, it works great with my RadioShack PSX->USB converter I have.

But heres my problem split into three parts.

**-=Part One=-

I can easily tell where Start, Select, square, tri, circle, and X are located on the board, but where exactly would I solder to?

**-=Part Two=-

As you can see on the last 3 images, L1,L2 and R1, R2 each have a point on the board where the wire connects. But there are 2 wires going to the board for each button. Does this mean each one has a ground? I’m very new to this, so any help is great. Or should I just solder onto the extra mini-circuit boards for each R and L buttons.

**-=Part Three=-

My other problem comes in where the D-Pad solder points are.

Where on here do I solder for each spot, how do I check for grounds and etc?

And again, would it just be better for me to use the mini-circuit board to solder onto rather trying to just use the main board??

Thanks any help is HIGHLY appreciated!


I’ll get around to the buttons in a bit


Sweet, Mikei that is exactly the kind of response I was hoping for!

It is so much easier to “read” visuals than text any day.

Thanks a ton so far!


these should be the same as same as R1&2 buttons. they are clearly labeled.


Jesus Christ, I could barely move down the page. Maybe try linking thumbnails?


There are way to many resistors and the pic is to blurry for me to decipher the start/select/analogue buttons. You should be all good. I would suggest trying to keep the daisy chain between the D-pad and the buttons separate at first. Then experiment later to see if the entire thing just shares a common ground. Good luck and I hope your joystick turns out sick.


You made my night so grand, thank you a million.

I’m designing the joystick right now in Cadkey once its done, off to woodwork.

I love building stuff.


Thought I’d add what my plans are :smiley:


jesus, its not difficult to shrink images down to reasonable sizes :slight_smile:

The areas circled above show correctly which is which. A couple of things thought; he has circled the parts with the black stuff on them that makes contact with the little rubber nipple. On each of those, there is a little circle underneath for a test pad. Those are braindead easy to solder to and wont require you having to scratch off the black stuff. Use those. Check the opposite side of the boards as well; if it’s blank, you may even want to consider drilling a VERY small hole through the center of the test pad. Then you could remove a little insulation from the wire, put the wire through the hole, and get a very solid and reliable through hole solder joint. Much more secure and abuse-proof than soldering wire onto a flat pad. For the D pad and shoulder buttons, just desolder the ribbon cable at the main pcb end, and run your wire through the hole and solder it.

AFAICT from the pics, its used a common ground for all lines. Use a multimeter to test for sure, but you can run a single wire for ground off that pad and daisy chain it to all of the switches if you like.