HELP! Korean SF4 cabinet settings

This is the only pair of SF4 cabinets in the Philippines, and it SUCKS.

1.) Messed up aspect ratio
2.) Messed up resolution

Can we change the resolution and aspect ratio settings? It looks really odd right now. It doesn’t even look like it’s in HD. More like upscaled 480p or something. Pretty bad. I’ve checked out the Service Menu once, and I didn’t find anything about aspect ratios and resolutions in there. Any ideas?

We actually have an arcade here in Hawaii with the same cab and same problems. I don’t think they fixed it though, but I’ll get back to you if I find out anything.

where in the philippines is this located? trinoma arcade?

It’s at Glorietta 4’s Timezone.

chrisz0r, i hope we figure out how to solve this issue. It’s actually turning people off from playing at the arcade, since, aside from the crappy screen, the parts are Korean and most people aren’t used to that. :frowning:

Yup, the cabs at this arcade uses tekken sticks (the same ones the cab you posted has). They charge us $1.50 USD per play which is insane for such a crappy setup. But there’s this other arcade (Fun Factory) and it seems that they did fix the resolution problem. Some of the techs there posts on another forum. I’ll ask him and see what’s up.

We have those at vid 94, I thought the korean sticks/buttons are fine, but they switched it out for jpnse parts and it’s pretty nice now.

the left side is slighter dimmer than the right but aspect ratio and resolution is fine.

I honestly love Korean arcade parts, but I can’t stand bad video settings. The fact that the resolution CAN be fixed is AWESOME NEWS to me. O_O

I’m waiting with baited breath!

And holy crap, $1.50?!

wahhhh i hope they get more sf4 out here :frowning:

I noticed the funky screen resolution as well when I went there. I wish they’d swap the control panel with Japanese buttons.

Ah, at first I thought “what screen issues?” until I noticed the size of the green icons on the bottom of the screen. That’s mad weird. A proper Korean SF4 cab shouldn’t be like that. The local shop may be responsible for the change in resolution. Your setup is currently outputting 480p which is being stretched out to a 16:9 screen.

Anyways, I have the solution and it’s very simple.

There are some dipswitches on the motherboard itself, and dipswitch 2 is resposible for switching between 480p and 720p output modes. Just flip that switch to the opposite position and it should be running in high res at the correct aspect ratio.

Also, just to be safe, turn off both machines before flicking the switch.

Is that one of those new Delta cabs? Those things are so damn sweet being able to output 15khz and 31 khz, and be able to output HD.

I was hoping you’d pop in! THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THIS, laugh. The entire Glorietta 4 community owes you one. Hit me up if you decide to come over for a hero’s welcome. :party:

wow you guys have that there? we have that same exact machine here at LA

Sup leaveal!!

I remember playing on those during my trip to the Philippines LOL! remember me? I was playing ryu…

yeah the screen in those was just ugly, 480p stretched out to 16:9 …ugly and with input lag. I actually thought they fix the issue when I came back there the next day.

The Delta 32 in fun factory waikiki hawaii also had screen issue…The old Delta 32 are just an ugly beast.

The New Delta seem to be a lil better with a rotatable screen mechanism, still an ugly cab though… they have a pair in SVGL.