Help! laptop screen won't turn on!

I woke up this morning to check my balance on my checking account. I turned on my laptop and everything else was running except the screen itself. It just stayed black. I just recently bought it like ten days ago from best buy.

here is the laptop:

I purchased warranty with it and I know I can just take it back but maybe its its something simple that I can do at home.

any suggestions?

Post in the PC help thread.

And make sure it’s not just stuck in power-save mode. be sure to turn it completely off and back on again.

Be sure some prankster friend didn’t set the contrast/brightness way down to trick you.

Try it out on a monitor (if possible) to test the video.

It might be set to a resolution your screen won’t display. Does ANYTHING come up at all? Words? Colors?

im at work right now so i don’t have a chance to try theses things out. I’ll post this in the pc help thread. Thanks! :tup: