Help: Left registers poorly on new HRAP EX

I just got an HRAP EX from Amazon and I gave it a test run through Ikaruga and HD Remix. All was fine until I started Metal Slug 3 and noticed that my new stick refused to acknowledge input from the Left side of my stick. It picked it up about maybe 1 out of four goes, but doing anything like going from right to left would just leave my character standing in place and dying.

I haven’t taken it apart yet. I installed the PC drivers for it and I’m looking at the input from the “Point of View Hat” window. Any input from the right side goes in clean, but the left struggles and if you listen closely, you can hear the stick sounds different when it hits one side to the next. A bit of a metal…ish “Ting” compared to the heavy thud of the right side.

I’m also pretty certain that pushing the stick to the left doesn’t go as far as to the right, though that may just be my imagination.

Is it possible my restrictor plate’s misaligned and, more importantly is this a simple fix? I was intending to tear this thing open to mod it once my buttons arrived, but I was hoping I could at least enjoy some XBLA on it beforehand…


It could be anything. For all we know, it could just be a small bit of debris in there. Just open it up. Not like you’re voiding a warranty or anything.

Yeah, but I had to wait for the guy with the tools to show up before I tore it apart.

Went in there, poked around some and reseated the Restrictor gate. Seems to be working for the time being.