Help linking Cannonspike problem

I know how to do it the z motion i just do forward first then down forward kick And itll do the cannonspike but im having trouble connecting cannonspike into combos something easy like CRLP into cannonspike i cant seem to do or even stlp into cannonspike.

i can do the cannonspike by it self tho but not after punching or kicking help am i doing something wrong??

The official input for a cannon spike is forward, neutral, down, downforward.
The shortcut for the Z-motion in sfv is df, d, df.
The easiest way to think about it is press forward, then a qcf(quarter circle forward) without having to end this motion in forward, end it in downforward to avoid accidental super inputs and so you can stay crouching to maximize tge time to ant-air.

I know this wasnt your question but i thought extra clarification on it couldnt hurt.

So first of all, you shouldnt LINK but CANCEL into her Cannon Spike(CS). A link is when you wait until the move has finished its animation and dovanother move which comboes into it. A link requires timing. A cancel is when you input a move and this move will transition to another move during its recovery frames. A cancel is done as fast as possible. Unlike wgat you thought, cancelling from a light attack into a specual is much harder tgan cancelling from a medium or heavy attack. Medium and heavy attacks ive more time to cancel while a light has to be done very fast.

Now a few more things, first try a st.lp or cr.lp cancelled into her spiral arrow(SA) to get the timing down. Now try to do a CS from a st.hp and from a you might notice that the CS from a crouching attack is much more difficult. Hold downback and after pressing immediately press f, qcf+hk, you can end this motion like i said before in dowforward(df) and negate the forward input from the qcf. After you get this down try it from a cr.lp or st.lp just upping the speed.

Having said all this it is still perfectly fine to combo into her SA, it gives much better pressure afterwards for a bit less damage and stun. You mainly want to end combos into her CS in the corner, when the opponent might die from the extra damage or when they are almost stunned.

*a tip, but this only works due to the leniency of sfv, and might not worknin other games.
use the shortcut to combo from crouching normals. Example is holding db during a crouching normal and quickly do df, d, df+hk. Its much easier but also more sloppy. So what this actually looks like is simply switching between db and df and ending in df.

I can do CS after stlp but the crouch i still cant manage to get it down not sure what im doing wrong i immidialtly press f qcf i also tried the df d df hmm

Have you turned on the inputs? You can see if you did the motion properly.
Like i said before try it from first and speed it up and try it from c.lp, it has to be done very fast.

Anyway dont sweat it if you cant do it yet, this combo isnt essential at all to play cammy.
just play cammy more andcafter you start anti airing with it and ending combos with it like after st.hp and itll become more and more natural.

K thx for advise even with rye im having trouble to so DP during a combo as well

I wish there was an easy way to tell you how to do it, but it just comes down to practice. This is why fighting games are so hard to pick up for most people. Just learning the basic specials can be a huge pain in the ass. It took me hours to get certain combos down in SF4. I used to watch youtube videos where you could hear the buttons to get the timing down as at first you’re not sure when to move the stick and when to push the button. Sometimes you move the stick too slow or too fast or hit the button too fast or too slow. It all comes down to muscle memory really. You just have to practice until you get it, then practice it over and over and over until it’s sunk in and basically comes out naturally. Basic guidelines are practice until you can do it 10 times on both sides without dropping it. Do that at least once everyday and you should be good. Then just move onto different moves and combos until you got those down. Yes it’s boring and time consuming, but that is what it takes if you want to be good at fighting games.