Help looking for alpha 3 art


Can somone post pictures or links where i can find the DC art to the characters? not THIS kind of art.

but this kind, from the dc version

i need them BIG pictures cuz im having them being made for an arcade stick, if the pics are too small itll look like crap when blown up for the stick. plz help !

edit: also note im only looking for 3 characters with that art btw… r mika, karin, and sakura. thx.


Well you could pay someone to vector them for you, so they will be as big as you want and great quality.


I’m surprised at the low amount of Mika art on the net, since most fighting game characters with a big rack get more coverage.


I’M surprised how badly people want shitty artwork. The artist for Darkstalkers 3, Alpha 3, and mvc2 sucks so bad it’s a shame. Try Alpha 2 art…now that’s some good stuff.


i have no idea what your talking about, the mvc2 art is the best art ive seen by far. its awesome.


Are you serious?..capcom makes the best artwork for fighting games all around,i think you need some glasses bud.


Hes right about the A3 art. A2 is so much better.


A3 art was a mixed bag - some character art looked good (eg; Ryu, Chun-li, Karin), some just looked terrible (Vega, Dhalsim), and most of it was quite forgettable (Guy, Zangief). PSX & DC exclusive art was mostly forgettable imho… poses and expressions seemed to lack character.

MVC2 art is too washed out for my liking, and imho it didn’t do justice to either the Capcom or the Marvel characters.