Help Looking for Aluminum Balls


Hello all Techs
This may be a long shot but I have been doing the powder coating for the shaft covers and dustys for a little while now and along the way I have been getting request for powder coated ball tops to match. I have been quoted from one company for some at 20+ for some 35mm and that’s before I inlay the the screw threads and I know that’s way to pricey does any one have any connections/resources or something that could work.

    Powder coating Toggleme Aluminum bat tops has worked out great I am just looking for something similar for balls since me and most prefer our balls to bats no pun intended. Brainstorming from you guys would be great thanks and happy holidays

#2 sells them


Thanks UnW4 wow thats cool if I cant find a North American distributor maybe I could work something out with them for some supply


I have balls of STEEL :smokin:


Dammit, I was gonna say that.

I’m glad someone did, though.

Um, I know someone in the US does those… maybe butteroj, but I don’t think so.


Haha but I need them to be all the same size plus 5mm is too small I will be sure to contact you if this guy needs a ball top




5mm’s too big. I need a few 2mm steel balls though. But really, if I were going to have a custom metal balltop, it’d have to be brass.

Seriously though, you can get 1 3/8" (34.925mm) steel balls for $15 for a 3-pack from McMaster-Carr. (Stainless are $15 each.) Then you just need someone who’s really good with a tap-and-die and a drill press to thread it for you.

Unfortunately, McMaster-Carr doesn’t have aluminum balls in that size.


Thanks I don’t have any issues with tap-and-die etc I can do that my self my main concern is about the weight are those the one you use to get rid of smells like fish etc? That’s why I’m look for aluminum balls plus powder loves aluminum I always get a great coat but it does stick to most metals well you just have to adjust the baking temperature


I’ve heard of people using stainless for smell removal – I’ve never heard of using aluminum for that.

So a bit of back-of-the-envelope using WolframAlpha:
A 35mm sphere is 22.45 cm^3
Urethane (should be about right for standard balls) is 1.11 g/cm^3 yielding 24.9 g
Aluminum is 2.7 g/cm^3 yielding 60.6 g
Steel is 7.9 g/cm^3 yielding 177.4 g

Again, this is assuming that the standard plastic balltop is about the same density as urethane. 177 g is a pretty decent weight so unless you hollow it out some(how) I think you’re right in that it’d be too heavy, and even then you’d have to hollow it out until the wall is only 5 mm thick for it to be the same weight as a solid aluminum sphere.


Wow zerosum that’s some impressive number crunching thanks,

yeah that was what I was thinking of with the stainless steel for smell reduction not aluminum.

I figured the weight would not be exact compared to the standard urethane ball tops maybe a slightly smaller ball top 32mm even and with few layer of powder i could bring it to 35mm not sure which has a higher density powder or aluminum but thanks for helping me with the brainstorming