Help -- looking for specific Chun Li & Ryu Background Pic

Im Trying To Find This BackRound I Saw A Long Time Ago It Was A Purple BackRound With Ryu Doing A Hadoken Faded In …Chun Li Was On The Right Side Of The Picture And Ryu In The BackRound Chraging Up His Hadoken …All I Can Remember Is That It Was A DarkPurple BackRound…Does Anyone Know Where This Went Off To …I Would Like To Set It As My BackRound…Thanks


Damn I Still Cant Find It Any One?

Yeah this probably is in the wrong section. Better chances of asking the image mishmash people. I’d like to help out a fellow new yorker, but I never ran across that pic.

sorry, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this pic you’re looking for.

I’m moving the thread to IMM, and leaving a redirect. I’m also going to modify your title since it’s not quite clear what the thread’s about.