*Help* LS 56-01 on SE Fightstick Wire Problem

Hello , I just bought a Seimitsu LS 56 joystick and when I connect the wire with the other wire that it already have in the SE fightstick and it doesnt work. Only when i press down it work but left , right , up doesnt work. It appear that I need to solder the wire they gave with the joystick with the old one that is inside the SE Fightstick. The main problem is what wire do I solder with what wire? The new wire have 5 color yellow , red , black ,green , orange and the old is all black…

I’ll try to post a picture…

Thank you for time :slight_smile:


I don’t know if solder is the way to fix this but … if you guys have another way to fix this problem , I’ll appreciate it :smiley:

did you try flipping the connector over?

Yeah, the connector likely just needs to be flipped the other way when you connect to the joystick.

Connector is upside-down.