[Help]MadCatz SF4 Tournament Edition XBOX Arcade Stick Problem

by accident I’ve powered my xbox on for a full night while my stick was connected. The stick now randomly brings up the xbox menu and quits-on-off-on-off etc. Sometimes it works normally, but most of the time when I connect it the xbox button does not work and the xbox screen comes up and goes away randomly. Can this be fixed?

Sounds like you’ve got a short somewhere, my custom did a similar thing when I had an errant wire. Pop it open and check for loose wires as a start.

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I haven’t found any loose wires.

Hrm, go to the PCBs and check for errant bits of wire or disconnected stuff. Also try disconnecting the xbox button from the pcb to see if it still happens. It sounds like something is shorting the xbox button’s signal to ground in a strange way. When it happened to me, the Xbox button was shorted to the metal case I was using, for reference.