My joystick won’t register inputs, but the buttons do. I used to be able to unplug and reboot but now my PC hangs on boot screens if shit is plugged into the usb so I can’t plug it before I boot and then it’s the same problem if I plug in after. What can I do?

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Inside the joystick itself replace the SANWA TP-MA PCB ASSEMBLY


How can I be sure that is what the problem is? I don’t wanna buy that if I don’t need it…


Use a multimeter and see if your microswitches on your stick is sending a signal whenever it gets activated. If there’s no power to the switch, PCB problem. If there’s power but it’s not being grounded whenever the switches get hit, it’s a microswitch problem.

Odds are it’s a busted joystick PCB+microswitch assy.


So since I don’t have a multimeter and barely know what you are talking about, the best bet is to just buy a new shit like that guy suggested earlier?


How dare you question a no troubleshooting post that immediately points you at a problem?


Real help: Check your stick lock switch. Check your DP/RS/LS switch. If all of those are in good order, then try to borrow a second stick PCB. Don’t go buying crap until you have located the problem.


Troubleshoot. Learn how to troubleshoot. Find someone who can troubleshoot.

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K so I got a multimeter, what do I do with it exactly? Is there a video or some guide somewhere you can point me towards?


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How far did you have to go to get that multimeter?!


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Anyway, does anyone want to actually help?


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