Help! Makoto vs. Grapplers

I’v been running into alot of trouble when playing makoto against either Alex or Hugo.
I often base my game on landing the karakusa, st.fierce xx (SAII) tactic.
However this doesn’t work well for me on the grapplers since they often mash me to
death with their throws. (360, 720, kara)
And i can rarely rely on the cr.short -> jab hayate -> karakusa. I always get thrown
before the karakusa.

Does anyone have any good strategies or perhaps some setups for Makoto to land a
Karakusa? And by the way, wich SA should i use?

Most people in this case would suggest the usage of SA1 instead if you’re having problems against certain characters. It’s kind of sticky on timing when trying to link it after a hayate, but it does work. You need to practise with it though because there are no hit confirms to combo into SA1. The best you can rely on is that tricky tricky xx SA1, since x hayate works pretty well in general, into SA1 shouldn’t be that much harder and does a lot of damage.

Just DON’T base your game on landing karakusa until they stop mashing grabs. Makoto’s pokes are superior to Hugo’s/Alex’s at mid-range. If you are in Hugo’s face, jump-back mk or instant ex-tsurugi are good options to keep them awake. I usually don’t have problems against Alex grappling(most don’t use the 360 super against me). Just be careful when he has meter, I guess.
And… I don’t think that SA1 has too many advantages over SA2 in these matchups. As for “there are no hit confirms to combo into SA1”:confused: … read the stickied post here.

sa1 is near useless against the grapplers, even with the shitloads of hit confirms it has:tup: With SA2, you can keep up an aggressive rushdown consistently. Once you corner them, it should be easier to land a karakusa, and if you’ve hit them somewhat at all beforehand, a stun is nearly guaranteed.

your character is better then theres. just poke, watch for the grabs, and win.

It seems that SAI just insn’t worth it. It doensn’t really deliver any damage to Alex
and Hugo and theres also only one bar meaning no EX.
How about SAIII? Since you say that i should use poking alot maybe SAIII should be
able to make that a reliale option. Perhaps even force my opponent into blocking and
enable karakusas. But then again, no EX meter.
And by the way, isnt poking with Makoto a bit risky since both her greatest pokes
can be parried both high and low. It’s great and all but to mainly use pokes seems to
be risky… well i’m not sure. Please help me kick ass!

Hehe, SAIII is insane in my opinion (see: MikeZ).
I don’t have any useful advice.

Its hard to give advice for these matchups unless I know what youre specifically having problems with but Ill try to give some general tips and random useful facts;

Generally when you karakusa them you either want to follow up with fp xx ex hayate or sa II (assuming your using it) especially against Hugo because a mashed or well timed 360/720 will beat out pretty much anything you will do in the post hayate mix-up. (Alex to a lesser existent with his boomerang raid) Anyways neither of them have a very good wakeup outside of super anyways.

The s. fp post ex hayate reset in the corner is your friend.

-------Hugo: (Note: depending on super his playing style can very greatly)------------

Zone him out with pokes and play keep away to build meter, once you knock him down establish your mix-up early.

Rushing down mindlessly in this match will get you sent out real quick if the Hugo knows what he is doing or even possibly if he mashes his 360.

The keep away will give you time to build meter and force Hugo to go on the offensive and to your side of the screen.

If they chose to turtle fine look for a time to dash in throw/karakusa/tick karakusa (this would be when they stop moving or hitting any buttons) Use this
opportunity to push them towards their corner to start your corner mix-up hopefully leading to the s. fp post ex hayate reset for a whole lot o stun which
leads to them being stunned and the round being over.

Random Hugo notes:

Ex fukiage beats/trades with all his high/overhead attacks (s. fp, claps, etc) throwing this out every once in a while or if theyre overhead is obvious will make them think twice about using it when they knock you down allowing you to guess your way out of his wakeup mix-up with more ease.

Jumping rh beats his anti air command grab super or regular, jumping away forward can also. Tsurugi can beat it depending on how it hits. Ex tsurugi loses cleanly to the regular version and super (moonsault press).

You use an instant air tsurugi from about max dash range to try to bait his cr fwd to hayate in or dash in behind it.

Ehh Alex will have to wait till later.