Help Master the Seiei Enbu



I really want to take full advantage of this super, i realize it maybe a waste because of red focus or rekka fadc cs. mk to whatever but i think this super is really hype :smiley:

anyways, can you guys give me good resets, max damage combos (that arent st. lk palms loops), mix ups, dive kick mind fucks (as i like to call them), setups and other goodies?

#2 palm…loop?, dash,, repeat was always good.


yeah thats a bit nice, since you have a question mark at the end of that im assuming you dont know what the loop is, xx strong palm dash, xx strong palm dash and keep doing it. it’s probably the strongest damage output of seiei enbu buts its really hard to master


for this loop you have to do a mp palm then dash, the withous passing by down forward, do d, db, b lk pling mp.

between your dash and hitting down you want to mark a neutral time, it will make it so that you don t accidentally do a command throw instead of the st lk.

if you start the loop with a mp palm, yuo should finish with cr lk into rekka. if you start your loop with cr mp, you can finish with cr lk hp palm and then do a st mp to create some mix up( that might lead to a stun and the end of the round :wink:

max damage with st hp mp palm, mp palm, lk into mp palm loop finishing with cr lk rekka is 609 I think. not so bad…


Palm loop is the strongest, activate, dash, c. lk, rinse repeat is brain dead easiest. Other. Variations are xx lk teleport loop and dash loop. Everything is pretty easy except Palm loop due to any wrong input gives a grab or failing to Palm from lk.


I guess a good reset with u2 would be to whatever loop until about 1/3 super, end in st.lp, chk. Then manually time a mk upkicks so that the shadows cross up on opponents wake up, knocks them into the air then you can u2.

Delayed wakeup screws this but since you are more concerned with the cool factor this is worth mentioning.