Help me 2xQCF

I can NOT 2xQCF for the life of me, to the right it’s even worse. What’s a way to help? Today I went to training mode and tried to drill it but how?

Turn on input displays, see what’s going wrong and try and correct it.

Read this:

Go practice.

I just did it over and over again until I got it. Turning on input display is a good idea.

thanks. I mostly play charge characters.

I’m going to practice in HDR since it has stricter inputs. I can seem to QCF no problem in some games (Tatsunoko vs Capcom) but HDR I have major issues.

I’ve been playing ST for years on stick but I’ve JUST now realized - holy crap. I never trained CQF on a stick! My execution is great for Guile, Claw, Dictator, Boxer, Chun, Honda…but during a Ryu mirror match the other day it hit hard! lol

no one’s trolling.

I have this same exact problem in another thread.

Why don’t you go away?

If you guys are using arcade sticks like the Mad Catz TE you’re probably just over exerting your motions. Sanwa joysticks are like laptop mouses and require little wrist movement to do motions. Keep your movements light and try not to touch the corners of the stick when doing your motions.

thanks. Yeah, I’m using a sanwa JLF in this stick. I got it last spring and like I said, mostly play charge characters. I haven’t used a “normal” character in years.

Well not really an easy way to tell you how to do this other than practice. Its two hadouken motions… also I didnt know you played HDR.

blah, HDR doesn’t have an option to show inputs :frowning:

Stick or pad? Pad it’s easy, just don’t do it too quickly. Stick it’s even easier, just don’t ride the outside portion of the gate. Gently flick your wrist, once then a second time rly fast. Bam, Super!

It’s on a stick, I can do it fine on an american stick.

Maybe you should mod it with an octo gate… you said somewhere you had experience building sticks and swapping out gates is easy for anyone to do… as for immediate solutions though, I have none.

The time you would spend opening your stick and replacing the gate would be better spent practicing.

I’ve thought about it, but I’d prefer to play on stock. I hit up gameworks once in a while and I don’t wanna be THAT guy “I am not used to square gate!”

dude. when we were doing those 150 matches on SSF2T why didn’t you tell me man i could have helped ya out.

Saying it because I feel like it:


First do QCFs clean. Then do a super cancel QCF to QCF. Finally move up to QCFx2.

I had the exact same problem when I moved to stick 5 days ago. Go check out my thread in the fighting games forum where I talk about it.

Obviously I’m far from an expert on the subject, but my advice is to to practice very slowly making sure your wrist and fingers are perfectly relaxed. Just drill soft, fluid movements over and over again, and make sure you’re allowing the stick to return to neutral after each roll.

How do you play guile on HDR and do his special but not do QCFx2?