Help Me Believe


I don’t know why exactly, but I want to like Mortal Kombat. I have little experience with the game. What experience I have… hasn’t impressed me. What I’ve watched online… hasn’t helped either.

KoFXI was the first game I took at all seriously. I’ve gotten into Capcom’s fighters, Tekken, Soul Calibur, Virtua Fighter, Guilty Gear/BlazBlue, even liked Melty Blood… but still not Mortal Kombat.

What makes it special? What makes it awesome? I haven’t seen it yet, but I’d like to.

So help me believe in the MK dream.



Compare the size of storyline to other fightings first


No one can make you believe in this game. You just have to play it.


I really don’t care if you like MK or not to be honest. When it comes out if you don’t like it don’t buy it.


Wow. I’ve never seen so much resistance to explaining why you like something. I couldn’t stand Tekken when I first tried it but grew to love it after someone helped me see how it was awesome. I thought that maybe, just maybe, some of you would want to share your love for MK in a similar fashion, but I guess not.

@Black Shroud: Thanks for at least attempting to give me something to go off of, but the link doesn’t work for me (GameFAQs apparently doesn’t like hot linking).


how are you taking resistance in these answers? I mean, i cant take you on a time machine back to the early 1990’s to experience the hype of MK during that time period. i mean, what more do you want? No one can make you like it. I really dont know what else to tell you.


This link should work then
GameFAQs: Mortal Kombat: Deception (XBOX) History Guide by subzero961


It does. Thanks. :tup:

I want people to explain why they love it. I don’t people to make me love it. I thought this would be pretty clear:

Apparently, it wasn’t clear enough. So I explained:

But, apparently, asking people to explain why they love something is too much to ask for. Asking them to articulate their affection is too great a task. It’s apparently better to not care if someone is interested in the game.

I just don’t get it. I see whining and complaining about how SRK hates on Mortal Kombat, but when someone here actually has an interest in and wants to understand the game, most of the loyalists act like this. It just doesn’t add up.


That’s definitely helpful. It gives me some perspective on how to view and appreciate the game. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks. :tup:


Recently stumbled on this

“Mortal Kombat is every shitty '90s comic book trope distilled into video game form, of course it’s ridiculous. It’s why people love the game because it completely reveals in the absurdity of dumb shit that was cool 15 years ago.”


Making a great 3D game takes a lot of effort and for the most part if not done right tends to be very terrible. MK has been around a very long time and even second rate shit heads couldn’t screw up 2D as much as SF or MVC when it comes to game play.

Just ask yourself, are you sick of charge characters and are you sick of a lot of assist spam but still like games? If the answer is yes, then MK9 is a good game for you.


Demo is out, so I guess we don’t need to explain shit. It’s the real deal :slight_smile:


Definitely try the demo out, if it’s something you can see yourself getting into and wanting to learn and get better at, then MK9 is for you.

I’m sure if you took the time to try the game you’ll find something you’ll love, the characters that started as simple palette swaps grew into iconic characters with tons of interesting stories. Check out the character vignettes on here they’re pretty amazing.

YouTube - MKCommunityManager’s Channel

People find pleasure in landing ultra combos, other find pleasure in nailing fatalities, some street fighter fans think they are gimmicky and stupid but to Mortal Kombat fans those are a blast to watch and perform, just like some MK harcore fans will think that street fighter supers and Ultras are unimaginative, boring.

I grew up with MK pretty much all around me, I’m from Morocco and there was no shortage of Mortal Kombat plenty of cabs and its popularity increasing daily, some of my most fond memories of Mortal Kombat was playing with friends who could perform fatalities they were gods to me.

Bottom line really, i love the characters, loved the universe from the start and after that everything falls into place. Try to find a character you like from the current roster learn their story try the demo and go from there.

I have to say it was hard to write hope it helps. Not easy translating your love towards a game into words. Fun fact it signed me off when i was writing this that’s how long it took.


If your a fighting gamer enthusiast then MK is no different from other fighting games except desighn choice. MK sport alot of desighn choices that can be either love or hate.

MK essence is simply developed with different perspective that I can appreciate.