Help Me build my arcade stick

Hello, is there any one who is thinking of making a arcade stick on the ps3 using axis adapter and know how to do it. if so you can go thorough each step with me thorugh msn or ps3 chat i need help thorough out as i dont know how to you tell me what parts to get i will get them and the we can commence with the build please please please please please help ME!

You really need to read thoroughly, because who ever will bother taking the time to answer your questions, could probably answer almost all of your questions quoting that page and the first post of the Axis adaptor thread.

This is the 3rd time you posted the similair topic.

What don’t you understand?
Basically with the axis adaptor you do this, but you don’t need the terminal strip since they are built into the axis adaptor, and there are more than one common/ground for the sixaxis. You can think of the axis adaptor as a square shaped terminal strip and the pcb wire hacking process is replaced by the ribbon cable.

Honestly, if you’ve read all that and still don’t understand, you really shouldn’t be building a stick from scratch. Just go buy a TE.

Though I really can’t imagine you’ve seriously read anything we’ve linked you, as you’re still asking what parts you need. It isn’t rocket surgery.

lol sorry for the inconvenience i may have caused you Thank you for your help i really understand it and appreciate it.