Help me buy a wireless router!

well im about to buy a wireless router tomorrow or so,so which kind should I get? whats the best?:sweat:

Is this for a laptop or a PC?

PC basically im getting one so I can get on GGPO.

This one here is pretty good and inexpensive:

oops I meant wireless router,but that is nice though


I’m not familiar with the latest trends but back in april when I bought a router the Linksys WRT54GL was the router to get. I think it’s still the best router that you can get for your buck, plus it’s also open source so you can install DD-WRT on there which is much better than the default firmware. I personally have a Buffalo WHR-G54S because it was on sale at the time for 25 buck so it was the cheapest open source capable router at the time. It performs great but I think the linksys is your best bet.

EDIT: I’d also like to stress there’s a difference between the WRT54G and the WRT54GL. They cost about the same but the WRT54G is not open source compatible. You want the WRT54GL.

ok thanks!

heh listen to Monte its what i intended to post if i wasnt so lazy.

i own the WRT54GL and its wonderful.

DD-WRT is sweet not only can you pimp out your router
if you’re feeling really frisky you can usethird party software and go apeshit but possibly brick it

yeah im gonna go with the WRT54GL,lets just say I like to experiment with things.:rofl:

edit:that avatar is tight

same here.
but yea that lifehacker guide is the one i used (i just got the router on friday) to upgrade and tinker with my WRT54GL so its all good :smiley:

ps: all my access machines and access points are metal gear themed :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks btw.

So can you still flash the latest version of the wrt54g with the open source firmware?

^^ according to DD-WRT’s website of supported devices (clicky), it’s possible but with a few extra steps, I think. I’ve never flashed a newer WRT54G, though. I’ve mostly messed with the oollllllderrrrrrr versions, those were easier, obviously. =P