Help Me Buy An AstroCity Sale! *rare program pad FS*



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Dreamcast w/ 14 games… 14 ‘real’ games that is. You also get 2 controllers, 2 official VMU’s. They have saves for all 56 characters and colors for Marvel Vs. Capcom 2.

I recently did a little LED mod on the dreamcast as you can see in the pics. The led’s rave and change color.
NOTE This is not a system mod. This is only an LED mod and is perfectly legal.**

here are the games you’ll get:

*Crazy Taxi
*Rayman 2
*The Grinch
*Seaman w/ Microphone
*Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2
*Sonic Adventure
*Tom Clancey’s Rainbox Six: Rogue Spear
*Virtua Tennis
*Sega Bass Fishing
*Sega Marine Fishing
*NBA 2k
*World Series 2k1
*NCAA College Football 2k2

  • $65


I really do no want to sell this next thing. I have a lot of good memories with this. I made [media=youtube]fuwJz3IfyLo]THIS video + was part of [url=[/media] video all because of this controller.

It is an ASCII Programmable Pad made for Playstation 1. It also comes with a command pack that allows for more commands.

  • $75 PENDING


Here’s another program pad. Not as quite as technical as the other one, but still can do some really cool stuff. it has pre-programmed street fighter combos (basic stuff) + I think there is a way that you can program your own actions into it too. I was just never able to figure out how. It is made for Sega Genesis.

Don’t really know what to ask for this. HOw about…

  • $15


Kingdom Hearts 1 + 2 Guide Books

  • $20 for the two


… Possibly selling a PS3 Sanwa Modded SE stick later on…


TTT. Slight Price Drop.


program pad is pending payment. price lowered on DC.