Help me choose a character :)

I’ve been playing a little bit of CvS2 lately, but im having trouble choosing a 3rd player for my team. Right now, i really like using ratio 1 Hibiki and ratio 1 Rock, but i cant figure out who i should use for my ratio 2. This is probably due to my refusal to use Street fighter characters, because im stubborn like that. I rarely see anyone, if ever, use ratio 2 for rock or hibiki, so i’m guessing that would be a bad idea? I’ve tried Kyo, Terry, Iori, and Geese, but they dont really work out for me that well. As for grooves, im sticking to C for now, but i hope to move onto A after i learn some CCs and get my basic gameplay down better. Does anyone have any suggestions who would be a good ratio 2 character to add to my team? thanks a lot.

Yamazaki or Chang

C-groove hibiki is gay so drop her from your team unless you want to keep her, but put her in your A groove team. I would tell you to try rolento. Great alpha counter, xx lvl 3 trip-wire, air-block, RC scouter jumps pogo for meter.

R2 rugal, yamazaki or blanka. If you can anti-air jump-ins using blanka’s lvl 3 direct lightning, you’re set.

I would say just keep trying out the characters, and read up to make sure you’re using them effectively. Keep loooking, no one can really tell you what you’ll have fun playing. Give Mai a shot though, I like her in C.

cool, thanks for the suggestions. I kinda like mai, although she’s not very unique in gameplay style. I’ll definitely check out yamazaki and rolento. Rugal is another maybe.

Wow, apparently none of you can read.

He said he doesn’t want to use Capcom characters.
I see nothing but, “Use Blanka, OMG the HAWTNESS.”


step 1: get over your fanboyism

… thanks for being helpful.

I dont feel like using SF characters because i’ve played SF games my whole life, and im sick of them. ok?