Help me choose a fighting stick for PS3

I heard the MadCatz tournament edition is the best arcade stick going around? Why is the Street Fighter X Tekken stick costing more?
I can only chose from the website below:

Because the Street Fighter X Tekken Pro is a newer stick, the Tournament Edition Round 2 been around for a while.
TE is considered the best due to modding options, and there ALOT of 3rd party parts for it.

If you are concern with price then get the Hori made Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 instead.

I can’t even tell you if those are decent prices, or where else you could go as I am in the United States.

I believe there’s an entire thread that can help you out there.

But hell, if you’re just looking at an arcade stick regardless of manufacturer, I’d go with that Hori UMvC3 stick, since it looks like it’ll run you about $100 AUD. Both that Hori stick and Mad Catz’ SFxT sticks use Sanwa parts, so if you’re not really looking to mod your stick or anything, I’d just aim for whatever is less expensive.

Hori gets my vote

Thanks guys
Well i have the original TE arcade stick for Xbox 360 and love it, but i want a stick just as good as the TE stick for the PS3

Im assuming the ‘round 2’ version of the TE stick is identical to the original TE?

I have no plans on modding the stick, i just want a good reliable stick that has a good joystick and buttons for superior execution.

So going with the ‘round 2’ stick would be a good option for me and the stick is just as good as the original TE?

Since you have a te r1 and like it, might as well stick with what you know. the Rnd 2 will serve you well

The Round 2 stick is the exact same stick as the round 1 or original TE. Just different art and a better made PCB.

Actually since you have a Xbox 360 TE already, instead of buying a 2nd stick did you consider Dual-modding?