Help me choose a game to buy


Yo all. Got 7.42USD in my US PSN wallet and feeling like getting a new fighting game to add to the difital collection. Narrowed it down to the following three - can anyone help me choose?

I already have the following so no need to suggest these : SF Alpha Max Darkstalkers Chaos Tower Galaxy Fight KOF 99 Pocket Fighter Bloody Roar 2 Virtua Fighter 2 Divekick

Open to other suggestions though :slight_smile:


Windjammers ? My nephew and I played it vs each other while waiting for DBFZ top 8 to start last night and had a blast. Surprisingly very fun competitive game - not a traditional “fighter” but a fun change of pace. It goes on sale frequently so if it is currently out of range of your budget keep an eye out for it.