Help me choose some comics to read!

I’m not a big comics guy, I read them once in a while, and i’m looking for suggestions. I know Ronin made a similar thread, but i’m looking for more specific types of books.

I don’t like reading endless story arcs, or one shots that fit into a greater storyline, and leaves you with an unsatisfying ending (ala House of M). For example, here’s some of the stuff i’ve read and enjoyed:

Y the last man
Miller’s Batman Trilogy/300
The Watchmen
Earth/Planet X , whatever that whole series was called.

Basically stuff that’s self contained, or has a likely ending coming soon. So far i’ve been
recommended “Invincible”.

I don’t mind comics that fit into a greater arc, as long as the storyline has some sort of ending. So for example, Civil War was good. So, suggestions?

Everything Ed Brubaker writes except Uncanny Xmen. And that’s all you need. Might as well throw in Batman: Year One and Batman: The Long Halloween with Dark Victory assist while you’re at it.

Stray Bullets
100 Bullets
Stray Bullets
Stray Bullets
Anything non-marvel/DC foolishness by Warren Ellis
Stray Bullets
Stray Bullets
Stray Bullets

100 Bullets is at about 90 issues now and ending within a year i think.
Transmetropolitan is finished.
Stray bullets, well the arcs themselves have ends to them, but the storyline that goes through the entire series won’t be finished anytime soon. Won’t regret reading though. If you do, I will peel the skin of your face and use it as toilet paper.

Brubaker’s first arc on Daredevil I agree on, not the rest.

Oh yes, I read the Long Halloween, great book. I will check out stray bullets and metropolitan, thanks.

What was that series with all the marvel peoples turning into Zombies, and had Ash from The Evil Dead? Is that over?


The first one was called Marvel Zombies. The second one was Marvel Zombies versus Army of Darkness.

Marvel Zombies 2 was a zombie parody of Civil War and IMO pretty bad. The first one and the AoD crossover are both very nice though. And yeah, there’s a new series announced, Marvel Zombies 3, was announced last week I think. There’s also some Black Panter issues with the Zombies (for the love of god, dont read those, unless you can do it for free), and it all started in ultimate Fantastic Four. That one wasnt all that to me, simply because I despise the FF.

The Zombies thing was pretty funny. Giant Man telling Spider-Man (who ate aunt May and his wife, and is grieving about that : "Come on Spidey, all the Avengers had a piece of Jarvis. In the end he didnt even fight it. " :rofl

Sounds like you would really enjoy the Alias series, it’s only in 4 trades but probably some of the best works from Marvel.

I’m gonna ignore what you said and reccomend Captain America by Bru. Read my usertitle to see where this reccomendation is comming from heh.

I recently read Hedge Knight which wasn’t too bad. It’s a Medieval Fantasy setting with less emphasis on the fantasy and more on the former. It’s nice to read a medieval story without all the magical bullshit sometimes. It’s based on a novel and apparently they are going to come out with some more which has got me interested.


Captain America.

Immortal Iron Fist #1-16.

Daredevil from the past 8 years.

Bendis/Maleev’s Daredevil run

You need to read Sandman. Ignore every thing else until you do.

PS. You live down the street from me and I have a nice comic collection. If you ever want to borrow some books for a week or so just send me an IM and we’ll line up on a Saturday or some shit.


That and nothing else before that.

Thanks for the suggestions so far guys. Which Cap America specifically do I read?

I think most people in here mean Brubaker’s run (the current ones out).

Despite what i posted earlier, that’s actually quite good. Forgot to mention that. I just dont like his Daredevil or X-Men.

I’m completely clueless about comics, you’re gonna have to give me specific issue numbers…

Heres the hardcover of issue #1 - 25 of Ed’s run on captain america