Help me combo a dp or a dp motion move? (on ps3 pad)

This might be the easiest thing to do ever, but i cant get a dp like a shoryuken to combo. I mainly play with charge characters but when im trying to get a dp motion move to come out i end up mashing it. Really need help w/ this one. thanks!

What do u use-dpad or analog stick?

d pad

Easy stuff to combo in SF4 at least from either standing or crouching…

:f:+:mp:, :qcf:+:hp:

The game registers the :F: first, so the hado motion will give you a DP.

:df:+:mp:, :d::df:+:hp:
The shortcut for dp is :df: :d::df:+:hp:, so the result is a DP where you don’t even have to hit forward. You’re already in a crouch from the mp, so it should be easier.

thanks bro!

Thanks bro!

I did a tutorial video showing how to crouch DP, might help

Mind you if you are using Ryu the above doesnt work if you want a stand fierce into shoryuken because of RYu command normal (solar plexus strike) you can also try negative edge to help with the shoryukens

That completely slipped my mind. Thanks.

thanks it really helped :smiley:

ive always done it sort of weird i use D DF D DF P …is this retarded