Help me complete my 100% "combo"



Ok, here it is:

(near your corner)
c. fierce, ex headbutt, ex headbutt, jab Aegis, forward/rh kneedrop, >+forward, c. fierce…

Now here’s where the shit hits the fan. In order to have an ex headbutt after the c. fierce, I need a TINY bit more meter. I have tried various things, like s. jab before the c. fierce, but it doesn’t built enuf.

If someone were to help me figure out a way to build that last tiny bit of meter, the combo would go as follows:

(near your corner)
c. fierce, ex headbutt, ex headbutt, jab Aegis, forward/rh kneedrop, >+forward, c. fierce, ex headbut, s. fierce

The above combo dizzies Ken. Then, you can do j. rh, s. strong xx forward tackle for a 100% “combo”.

Any takers?


This is 100%? Your arcade is ripping you off, because in a normal damage setting, your combo shouldn’t do 100%.

The last move, substitute the s.fierce for a MK tackle. More damage.

I can’t suggest how to get more bar for that extra Ex headbutt you want to do, but if you start the combo in your own corner, you will be close enough for a…

> f+MK, c. fierce, MK tackle, EX tackle, RK tackle.

That could be the dizzy you’re looking for.


Note the “” around combo. The first part is a combo. The second part is unblockable (but not inescapable), hence damage resets.

And there’s a reason why I made the last part a s. fierce instead of a forward tackle. It’s cause without it, it doesn’t stun Ken.


anti-retard, I’m not arguing that it’s not a combo…I’m arguing that it’s not a 100%.

standing fierce does more stun than a tackle? Yeah, probably. But does it do more damage than a MP headbutt?

I’m too lazy to check. Besides, it’s your combo. :lol:


Man I checked already in training mode. Up until the dizzy, the combo does at LEAST 60% damage. AT LEAST. I think it’s more like 75% or so. If it DOESN’T do 100%, then it’s DAMN close. This is on Ken too, and he has average stun and stamina. A lot of the top tier don’t (yun, makoto, chun, akuma, etc.)


cool moves~

but the ex headbutt… how


hmm I’ve tried your combo a few times and it doesn’t dizzy ken.
A guardbreak>c.hp>ex.headbutt>s.hp’s gets too much stun reduction from the aegis.

The combo seems a little bit impractical… as a quick roll and avoiding a from urien can get you out of it


where’s the


if the other person quick rolls, he’ll recover fast enough to avoid the guard break. So his only option would be an early to guardbreak.


Actually, stand jab doesn’t build meter at all. Only medium or high attacks build meter when whiffing.