Help me connect a DHC?

I’m using Bison (vari) + Juggy (ground assist) + Cammy AAA ( or Cyclops, guile, charlie, or BH)

Well I’m trying to connect Bison’s air super with Juggy’s headcrush. I would do a deep jump in HP into flying superman special; which cancels into Juggy’s headcrush… But the char only takes like 3 hits and then is able to block. Why so? Should I just do Bison into cammy instead?

Psycho Crusher picks them up off the ground, and if they aren’t high enough when Juggy comes in, he’ll only hit them 2-3 times, at which point they can block. You’ll probably have more luck with something like: c.hp, /, sj.hp, Psycho Crusher DHC Juggy HC.

(I don’t know if this will work for sure.)

and juggz headcrush does alot of damage, if u dhc out of head crush, then u will loose all that damage, and ur other super might not tag on enough damage to make it worth it

you have to do it so that juggernuts hits them in a way that they’re on top of juggernuts head

is that a pretty good team? Im just messign around til i take time out to learn storm

i like juggernuts on variety, because body splash must be blocked high… and since both bison and cammy can do devestating air combos, i’d advise that as good setup. They’re not reset heavy characters like strider, magneto, storm, etc. and don’t do massive damage in one small or easy combo like sentinel, cable, blackheart, ironman (infinite > proton cannon) [i don’t mean small in number of hits, but what you must do to achieve the hits]. so they need those air combos… guaranteeing a hit with high - low pressure games could help.