Help me decide on my first stick! Want to order tomorrow


So i need some help deciding on my first stick.
I can buy HORI Xbox 360 SoulCalibur V Arcade stick, for 90$ on Amazon, with 1 day shipping. stick xbox 360

This stick has sanwa parts correct?

Or i can go to a gamestop in my city(san antonio,tx) and buy xbox 360 Street Fighter X Tekken stick from Madcatz. for 159.99$

Money is not really an issue, but for double the price(with tax), is the Madcatz a better stick to go with?
It is my first stick ever, and i’m dead serious about fighting games. I read a lot of review on the SCV HORI stick and beside from the button layout, they say its a solid stick.
Can i get some opinions, help me!!
I play AE, marvel and MK9 mostly.


Entry level stick = Madcatz SE. Great pricing, you can find it used online, and it’s very easy to mod with Sanwa/Seimitsu parts.

$150-ish level stick = Qanba Q4RAF. No reason to get anything else at this price bracket. Great weight, extra features that aren’t found on other similarly-priced sticks, dual-modded to work on both xbox and ps3 and pc, quality parts.


I say don’t worry about the SE personally unless you include the WWE All Stars Brawl stick as an SE. Better parts and cheaper price than the SE. Will still run you anywhere between $20-50 though. If you want a “one stick fits all” then you’re better off getting a MadCatz TE on sale at $100 (promo price happens occasionally and will probably see it at Revelations and Season’s Beatings) or the Hori Soul Cal Stick now for $100 (solid stick for the price. Nothing really wrong with it. Button layout might feel awkward if you’re used to a T.E.'s straight layout.

For $150, you should be getting a dual modded Eightarc or Qanba stick.


okok thank you much, i might go with a eightarc or Qanba
I would get the WWEbrawlstick, but there are none i can find in my city for 20-50, then just replace the parts.
I don’t think i wanna pay 70$ to amazon for the WWE stick.


If you’re willing to spend $150, might as well get the dual modded stick. If you only want to spend $100, Hori SC5 or MadCatz TEs are still amazing sticks.


Links to reviews of virtually every stick on the market can be found in the arcade stick FAQ. Check it out.


imah just go for Qanba, Mod can close this , ty all