Help me defeat this outer space threat

Guys, I know things are rough right now, and but did you see the news?

Yeah so some sort of fleet is coming to destroy Earth. I for one will not stand for this.

I, therefore, am going to take my meager ship, and go take on this fleet head on.

As you can see I have two front-mounted railguns and a killer paint job.

Thing is I don’t think I can do this alone, so I advise you to spend your savings, get a ship together on your own, and JOIN ME IN THIS GLORIOUS BATTLE.

so disappointed this wasnt a beguiled thread

either way im in

man can the Based Pod even fly anymore?

Sign me up coach, I wanna fly in space.

Reporting in.


Prostrate yourselves before our new alien overlords.

Oh please have the Everdragon come back.


That looks like that dildo vibrator with buttplug attachment

I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me. I’ll help.
Quick! Everyone get to the shelter!

I’ll hit them with a Genki Dama guys. Just lend me a little bit of your energy please!!!

Not that I need it since i am totally ripped.

Don’t need a ship, for I am Optimus Primal

What is the point of being a bipedal robot in the shape of a gorilla that turns into a bipedal robot, in the shape of a gorilla?

Your intelligence cap is too low for any answer I give to make sense to you.

Go eat meat or beat up Superman.

My name is @SWBeta, pleased to be fighting against the Aliens that threaten our planet massa…

Is he serious?

Nigga you doing shit I did on accident as a kid, fuck outta here. My gorilla dick was bigger than your whole squad son, fall back.

Lend me your energon so I can get totally shredded and smash on these aliens.

How you gon’ post a picture of your great-great-great grandfather and say it’s me? That’s fucked up and disrespectful to your ancestor, son.

Hey Z-Boel

Do we have any information on the Alien invaders?

I really hope they aren’t Monkey Kings and Space Gorilla robots…

You already know they some scrubby ass Freezie pop ex-employees that didn’t get the memo in their scouters telling them that like my boy Tommy, they aint got no job.

SPOILER ALERT - Y’all are supposed to post MS Paint (or Paint-like alternative) drawings.