Help me defeat this outer space threat

Man you trippin, they never put enough food in them space ships for me to eat. That’s why I learned instant transmission. Pop in and out the buffet, them chineses never knew what hit them.

Sp what you charging to cop them shits? I need my fix of flamin’s hots my nigga. Can’t have enough cali kush to get the mily way contact high without the flamin’ hots.

----- )))—]–>

(I only post from my phone; blow me

I PUT IN A CUTE TIGER EMOGEE! Vanilla- worthless!

Your avatar looks like some dude pissin on a wall to me.

They’re already here.


Take off every ZIG
Move Zig for Great Justice

I can at least provide this top secret intel about the alien threat

With anti gay and terrorist weapons, how can we not win.

You fools would do battle with no castle?

Gentlemen, may I present to you the space station that is going to be saving countless lives. The D.K. E.X

Kraken of

*****Take note of the docking area conveniently located in the ‘mouth’ of the station.

*****Dual mounted anti material cannons located near the observation decks in case of ambush/incompetence of other captains unable to hold the front line

*****Kid friendly shape

*****Bitchin plasma thrusters indicated by the pimp ass blue fire

*****Bottom heavy design allows for unparalleled evasive actions

Reporting for duty

I call it the “Iori takin’ a piss av.” I made a Calvin bumper sticker parody with it once.

Am I too late to join the resistance?

If this was Game FAQs we’d have about 30 posts of ships designed to look a penises and boobs

wars have casualties and aftermaths.

you guys will need a place for counseling after the war

the Based Pod is here for you

Look guys, the only way we can defeat this invasion is if we cut off their fuel source

You guys have some pretty cool ships, but you can’t hit shit without a good targeting device.

You need to put your face in the L. A. B. I. A.

Forgot to include the required listening material while operating your ship:

Avast, I would CHIP in with something better, but me Friday Night Special is the best I COD muster.