Help me expand my horizon


Hi there friends. This is my story:

I am an impulsive person. Being totally new to fighting games (except SF2 as a snot-nose), I tried out SF4 and two days later I made an order for a 250 custom made fightstick… 360/PS3 compatible.

Now I’m sitting here thinking “I am a student, so money is scarce. My gf is kinda pissed off. I need some more value here.”.
So let me ask the community: What 360/PS3 fighting game would you recommend?

  • Preferably online option with a fairly large active player pool
  • Fast paced gameplay. Don’t like tekken-style fighters.
  • PAL version available

Also, if you have any arcade non-fighting game recommendations for my stick usage that would be super.


KOF XII and BlazBlue, both are true worthy games, both are fast paced, BB has a great netcode and has a good amount of players online, and im sure that kof would be similar (at least its what i hope)




Well luckily for you, there’s a lot of great fighting games out or coming out shortly.

SF Turbo II HD Remix is available for download on both X-Box 360 and PSN. While the player base is not as active as it was months ago, you’ll still be able to find plenty of matches online. It’s the most logical choice, especially since you mentioned you played the original as a snot-nose. There’s a quite a few differences, but you’ll be feeling nostalgic in no time.

BlazBlue. This game isn’t really my thing, but it’s pretty fast paced without a lot of rushdown options. The online netcode is great and currently, there’s a pretty big player base. You can buy this for either system.

King of Fighters XII will be coming out the 21st or 28th of July depending on your local store. It’s available on both systems. The gameplay is quite different from SF, but it’s a great 2D fighter with lots of combos. There’s a few online modes, including ranked matches, and even a clan mode on PS3. I don’t know how the netcode will be yet, but if you like fighters I highly suggest this game. I loved the arcade version.

Garou Mark of the Wolves is available for download on X Box 360. I love this fighter. Check it out see if it’s your thing. Offers online play.

Ok as for non fighting games with your stick…classic arcade games work out really nice…
Pacman, Galaga, Frogger, Burger Time, or even old school side scrolling beat 'em ups…that sort of thing. They translate really well to the stick. You can download plenty of these for X-Box or PS.

Hope that helps.


Karnov’s Revenge.

I never understand how someone can think, “I want to play a fighting game, but I have no idea which one.”


Hrm. I do say that if you are under a money consumption with school, you may want to consider keeping the fighters on the system of your choice. Sure it’s great to double dip to help support the community and developers but everyone has their limits. Lots of great games out now and coming soon.


Both don’t have PAL versions (delayed). XII doesn’t look that great anyway.

HD Remix is about it (besides SF4) that fits your requirements for now. Its a little brutal though. Other good fighting games either have no online component, next-to-no online play (Battle Fantasia) or are Virtua Fighter.

btw Tekken is the opposite of slow-paced.


Thanks for useful reply. Phillies64. And the rest of you:-) BB is not available on PAL is it?

I never understand how someone can think, “I want to play a fighting game, but I have no idea which one.” - pherai

How could I know what game I want if I’ve only been exposed to SF4?


marvel vs capcom 2 120% matches your description of fast paced with large player pool and great value. 56 characters, online play, and only 15 bucks. it comes out july 29 for xbox and aug 13th for ps3. have fun!


well, since you have a ps3, you can always import them, also for what i heard its possible that BB would get a pal release this fall


Go buy a twump and a blunt.


The stick should work on the PC. Therefore, you now have many options to play on the PC.

Programs like GGPO and 2DF allows for games such as Super Turbo, Kof 98/2002, and 3rd strike. But the list goes on. Also, the company that makes BlazBlue originally worked on the Guilty Gear series. Well there is a Guilty Gear for the PC and it has netplay!


I recommend Castle Crashers. Hella good time playing that one!


That, and Battle Fantasia.


How do you know you don’t like “tekken-styled fighters” (whatever the fuck that means) if you really have only played SF4??


i’d recommand Blazblue or KOFXII as well. KOFXII might be easier to learn.

STHD’s a good pick on the cheap as well. Game still has plenty of players, and is faster then SF4.


Return of Shiki:

Well, a buddy of mine has been playing tekken for years and downloaded tekken 5 on my PS3. Come to think of it a big reason for me hating on it might be because I get my ass handed to me whenever i play it… Also, the 11-combo timing stuff just don’t feel right to me.


the problem with bf is that there arent players online, maybe with the ps3 release on psn for america this would change


I wouldn’t recommend XII for anyone looking for solid online play since the game hasn’t come out yet.