Help me fight back... lol


I’m not too good at fighting games and I’d really like to get better. The only problem is, I have a really bad habit. The one habit I can’t seem to shake, is that I find myself ONLY blocking incoming mix-ups and rushdowns and attempting to counter-attack, (which never seems to work) and ultimately waiting for the inevitable hit to connect and I get opened up :(. My inquiry to you lovely gents, is how can I improve my game and actually fight back.


2 things
Learn how to play agressive or passively agressive.
If you do that people will respect your space to some extent.
When I’m playing online or at the arcade and I notice the guy likes to block and that’s he’s scared to make a move the first thing I think is " aww ya free walk up throws and mix ups."
Another thing you need is confidence, your so worried about them pressuring you your playing scared and not even thinking about how your going to pressure them, and unconfident people will never beat me or any high level player.


You would get better advice if you posted what game you’re playing and what character you’re using.


He means fighting games in general.


play fighters featuring guard cancel



If thats the case I’d recommend focusing on one game. It’s a bit harder to play aggressive than defensive when you don’t have much game knowledge.